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Photos by: Photogerson (orange bouquet), Light the Love (rust & mocha arrangement), Gordon Becker Photography (Bride & Groom), Manis Moments (car installation), Naked Dove Photography (bridal party cheers), Photogerson (protea bouquet), Rae Marie Photography (purple bouquets), Banks Bridal (Ceremony)

About Us:

Wild Art Floral provides quality wedding flowers and event floral styling throughout the South West region of Western Australia. We design floral arrangements for your wedding or any other special event. It is our passion to design and create floral arrangements that fulfil your vision.


​One of our most outstanding design styles often features local native Australian flowers and succulents. By incorporating succulents to an arrangement, it creates an interesting, contemporary and memorable look which separates that style from the rest. Our style is rustic, boho, luxe, modern and wild; reflecting the rich natural environment in the South West. Wild Art Floral not only love exploring different floral styles and themes, but different ways of using flowers and materials within our designs.


​Nothing makes us happier than seeing the joy and gratitude on our clients’ faces when we present them with their gorgeous flowers. We consider it an honour to be able to turn your dreams into reality and make your special moments even more memorable.

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