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We hear ya, it can be tricky to spot the difference sometimes so we asked some of our faves to give us a run down on the key differences between Planners, Stylists and Coordinators, what they do and what you can expect from their services so you can make an informed decision when making your enquiries! 

We sat down with Lauren Green, Confetti & Co and Erin Hansen Event Management to chat about the 3 roles and how they would best define them. We have compiled their answers into the following definitions, however please note that the below is a generalised version of each role to help you understand the terminology, each business will operate differently with different packages on offer.


Focussed on visual design and aesthetics, this will affect the other vendors you choose to ensure cohesive final product. We recommend booking them after you have secured your venue so that they are on board from the start to achieve the results you are after. A stylist will create mood boards for you, will help source the correct hire items to achieve the desired aesthetic for your day and assist in art direction when it comes to liaising with other vendors like stationery designers or your florist. A stylist will complete the on-the-day styling alongside the other vendors however be sure to check the nitty gritty of what is included in a styling-only package, if you also want help with other aspects of planning your wedding like run-sheet or other items outside the scope of styling you will need to book those services too.

Photos by Riley White for Erin Hansen Event Management


Focussed on managing the wedding as a whole, we recommend booking them first if you are time-poor and after an all-inclusive package. You will still get to plan your wedding but your planner will be with you every step of the way and look after all aspects of the day, it is a huge role with months (and sometimes years) of administration in the lead up to your big day. Planners can help with things like organising venue tours and meeting your potential vendors, creating your run sheet, vendor logistics, budget management as well as being there on the day right from set up to pack down.

Photos by Through the Wild for Confetti & Co.


Generally speaking, a day-of coordinator handles the set up of your wedding day from ceremony to reception and everything in between, they can also help with polishing run sheets and floor layouts as well as vendor logistics and coordinate your vendors the week of your wedding and on the day to ensure it runs smoothly. A coordinator might be included in your venue hire however they are not to be confused with a stylist or planner. A wedding coordinator is a great option if a Planner does not fit into your budget, you plan your wedding yourself and your Coordinator and will come into play a few months before the big day to make sure the couple have covered everything and there aren’t any loose ends. They are the ninja running around in the background during the wedding, making sure everything that needs to happen, happens!

Photos by Keeper Creative for Lauren Green Events

Bonus: Venue Coordinator

You may notice that some venues include a coordinator in their package. This role is specific to the venue itself and differs from the coordinator role mentioned above in a few key ways: Venue Coordinators will still be in touch in the lead up to your wedding however they are focussed more on the venue prep side of things rather than your wedding as a whole. Think: table layouts, wedding day set up and venue logistics rather than general wedding planning. Again, be sure to request specifics as each venue will differ slightly!

So, now you know what they do, how do you choose what is right for you? Our suggestions:


Be realistic about the amount of time you have to plan your wedding. Do you work full time? Shift work? Have kids? Do you place value on your time off? It is ok to get help planning your wedding, it is such a huge task and let’s be real for a sec: a wedding is a luxury event with many moving parts, it is understandable if you do not have experience in planning such events and need help.


Be realistic about your budget. We know that many won’t be able to fit a planner with the full works in to their budget but that doesn’t mean you have to go without and it doesn’t mean your spare time is of any less value. Enquire about package options that tick your boxes and meet your needs as well as your budget, you might be surprised, not to mention you will be able to access some serious budget-friendly advice that could save you cash in the long run!


Make a list of the areas that you need help with (eg: creating a cohesive theme / the admin: budget, run sheets and booking vendors / just the on-the-day items) to help narrow down what you are really after.


Read through packages carefully and ask for clarification if needed so that you can compare apples with apples.


Be open with your expectations, requirements and budget when enquiring, many vendors are actually quite happy to create a custom package to suit your needs.


When you book your vendor, trust them, they want your wedding to be a huge success too!

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