Pre-Site-Tour Checklist


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Consider multiple dates

To avoid uneccessary admin on your part, have a list of suitable dates that you want to look at and keep an open mind! We recommend checking out our helpful event calendar so that you can rule out any clashes early on!

Make a weekend of it

Create a shortlist, book visits across one or two weekends, and see the venues first hand to make an informed decision. If you can, try not to spread venue tours across a long period of time, dates will book up and details of each venue will start to fade after a few weeks! 

Consider budget and style

Establish a rough budget based on your projected savings between now and your wedding date and choose a venue that aligns with your desired style. Consider wineries, breweries and restaurants vs private venues.


Take into account accommodation options for guests. Jump onto google and note down a few likely options for each venue and discuss them on your site tours and get additional recommendations from them 

Trust your instincts

When you find a venue that feels right, it’s likely the one for you. Follow your heart (and budget) and go with your instincts. 

Research and explore

Utilise From This Day Wedding Directory to send off your enquries and gather your inspiration for potential venues.

Focus on meaningful aspects

Prioritise elements that matter to you, such as gardens, sunlight, amenities, and logistical convenience. Ensure the venue caters appropriately to your wedding size for a balanced celebration.


Once you have received your package information from venues and you have made your shortlists, check back in and request availability for site visits. It is great if you are able to visit the morning of a wedding so you can see the venue in it’s peak but it does restrict the window of opportunity. At this point, check their wedding availability too, give them a short list of dates you are keen on or at least a rough date range to make sure they aren’t fully booked.

 Recommended Vendors

Usually there will be a list available somewhere from your venue (website or package information), however if you do not receive it after first contact, just ask if they have a list.

Bonus Tip

We suggest making your wedding spreadsheet at this point if you haven’t already!