Advice From Your Florist

Advice From Your Florist

Wedding flowers are arguably our favourite way to add personality, colour and texture to a wedding. But there is more to it than just choosing some inspo photos from Pinterest, so we asked our resident florists for their best advice when it comes to organising your wedding blooms.

1. Details

Choose a florist whose work resonates with you. Look at each element of their work and single out specifics that you want to incorporate in your own wedding flowers. We aren’t talking about flower types, rather the overall styles which will help define what you are really after and get you both on the same page.

Think: loose or structured bouquets, bud vases with single stems or wild compotes of blooms for your tables.

2. Budget

No one expects you to know how much your Pinterest flowers will cost. We recommend sending your mood board to your florist who can tell you a rough price, better yet, find an example of something similar that they have created for a wedding and send that to them. This way, your florist can go back through old invoices to find a price – way more accurate! Discussing your budget with your florist (and other vendors) is crucial to getting the most out of your cash.

As experts, they can make seasonal recommendations that will cut costs, offer suggestions on ways to reuse installations for maximum impact and lots of other ways to make your wedding flower dreams come true!

3. Flexibility

Plan your colour scheme over particular flowers – this is the number one piece of advice we hear from our florists. Yes, you can have your heart set on a particular flower, but if they are out of season and not readily available you are setting yourself up for potential disappointment. You may end up with those flowers, but you also might not!

We recommend of course discussing your preferences with your florist as well as blooms you don’t want to use, but ultimately, focusing on your colour scheme is where you will find the most success! Trust the process and the skill of your florist, after all, there is a reason they are in business!

4. Less is More

Opting for a few sculptural pieces and aiming for impact over spreading your flower budget thin will not only maximise your investment but give you the ‘wow factor’ on your special day.

5. Reuse!

Considering where you can get multiple uses from your florals is one of our favourite wedding hacks. Re-purposing arrangements during your special day will not only stretch the flower budget further, you’ll reduce waste at the same time!

You might like to consider shifting your ceremony arrangements to the reception bar or placing your bouquets on bar tables once you are back from your portraits! Don’t forget to include your florist in your relocation plans as they may be able to do this for you and it might also affect how they are constructed.

6. Ghosting

A lot of time and effort goes into a floral quote, considering techniques and the pricing of different flowers. If you ultimately decide on another florist, a quick courtesy email to those who missed out goes a long way and means they can open that date back up to other bookings.

Please don’t ghost your vendors!

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