The Perfect Bar Menu

The Perfect Bar Menu

We asked our experts in beverages for their tips on creating the perfect bar menu, here’s what they told us!

1. Range:

We suggest starting with the following range, then tailor it to suit your own preferences.

Beer: 1 x Light or Mid-Strength, 2 x Full Strength

Wine: 1 x Champagne, 2 x White and 2 x Red

Non-Alcoholic: Water, Soft Drinks (include at least 1 sugar-free option), Non-Alcoholic sparkling or beer, Tea & Coffee

2. Extras:

You might like to include some other options, depending on your budget, tastes and guest preferences. These might include a signature cocktails with a garnish bar, spirits after 9pm, a drink on arrival or table service.

3. Seasons:

The time of year plays a massive role in your bar menu. Guests will head for lighter and brighter beverages in summer, with beer going down like water in the warm afternoons. While winter weddings call for richer options.

Warmer months: Lots of H2O is essential, we recommend a dispenser with cut citrus and lots of ice to keep it chilled. Adding a rosé to your wine selection is also a popular option as well as a good local mid-strength beer like Shelter’s Big Splash Pale.

Cooler Weather: The South West can get pretty chilly! Mulled Wine in the evening is a great idea for winter weddings and don’t forget to round up when ordering the red!

4. Quantities:

We can’t tell you exactly how much to order – there are too many variables, however we have included a formula to use as a starting point. As a general rule, include all adult guests as some will drink more, some less and some not at all, but it all works out in the end.

Formula per person: Two drinks per hour for the first two hours and then one drink per hour after that

Scenarios that will alter the number of drinks per person:

– Drink on arrival, before the bar officially opens: Add one drink per person.

– Bar Opening Early / before ceremony: Increase to 2 drinks per hour for the first 3 hours.

– Cocktails: They go down a treat on a warm day so if you are only having cocktails available at your pre-reception this will reduce the amount of bottled beverages needed, but will of course increase the spirits and other ingredients required to make cocktails.

– Table service: Chat with your provider about table service as this not only will affect your quantities, it will also impact the number of staff required – but again, it is all based on guest numbers and the level of service you require.

5. Special drinks and other considerations:

Do you want some drinks only available to certain people? No dramas, just ensure your beverage service provider is aware, label the bottle(s) clearly so they don’t get mixed up (we have seen a bottle of Dom Pérignon end up in the wrong hands, it did not end well). But keep in mind, if other guests get wind of a tasty treat later in the evening, they’ll probably try get their hands on one too!

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