Choosing the Right Photographer

6 Steps to Choosing the Right Photographer


Aside from your new Mr or Mrs, photos are all that remains once your wedding day is over! Taking the time to choose the right photographer should be high on your priority list. Someone who you feel comfortable around, fits your budget & aligns with your personal style is just the beginning, check out our 6 steps to choosing the right photographer below.


1. Style & Portfolio:

Start your search by browsing their portfolio, most will have a good website to do this, or you can scroll their Instagram! Look for someone who’s collection of work consistently draws you back to them. What is it about their work you like? Look for things that are important to you like composition, use of natural light, how they capture special moments as well as in-between moments and details.

2. Compatibility of Personalities:

Beyond technical expertise, consider the personal dynamics when choosing a photographer. You spend a whole day with a videographer and photographer and you want to be able to have a connection with them on the day so that you feel as comfortable as possible in front of the lens. We highly recommend booking a formal meeting so you can get a better idea if they are the right fit for you! A photographer who seamlessly integrates into your wedding day, will undoubtedly capture the most genuine and memorable moments.

3. Pricing and Packages:

Photos and Video are what remains after your day is long gone which is why wedding photography is high on the priority list for most couples. Send out your enquiries and gather your quotes so you can make an informed decision. Be sure to check things like inclusion of a second shooter, number of hours, number of photos in the final gallery, turnaround time for final gallery as well as additional fees if your photographer is asked to go over the agreed time and travel costs. Most will have pre-set packages ready to choose from. If you have your heard set on a particular photographer and they are slightly out of budget, let them know what your max photography budget is and if they have services that will fit, this might be fewer hours, or dropping some of their usual inclusions. Don’t mistake this for asking for a discount, and be prepared for them to say no.

4. Reviews and Recommendations:

Checking online reviews are a must, in addition to this, if you have already booked other vendors, ask for their opinion too! Team work makes the dream work, as they say. So choose vendors that not only vibe with you, but have also worked together and recommend each other.

5. Flexibility and Adaptability:

Acknowledge the unpredictable nature of wedding days and prioritise a photographer with adaptability and flexibility. When you meet, ask about their contingency plans for unforeseen circumstances and if they have ever had to make quick Plan B decisions on a wedding day. A seasoned wedding photographer will be well equipped to gracefully handle challenges and ensure that even unexpected moments are captured with finesse.

6. Local vs Out of Town:

While we prioritise promoting local South West vendors it is important to note that we also support out of town creatives too! Those who have committed to including the South West as part of their business and are as enthusiastic about the region as we are. That said, be aware that most out of town vendors will need to charge a travel and accommodation fees considering they will not be able to return home after the days work. This is a completely acceptable thing to do and should be expected. However it is something to consider when looking at your packages and comparing pricing. Please also note that local vendors may also include a travel fee depending on your venue and accommodation location.

If your photographer ticks all these boxes, congratulations, you have found your vendor!