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I’m the Amanda in Amanda Afton (if that wasn’t already clear)! I am a hopeless softie that gets to spend her weekends with people who are really bloody into each other, and who have gathered their best and greatest around to throw a party for. I think life is way too short not to enjoy the hell out of your wedding day, and I’m here to help make that happen!


I take quite a candid and un-composed approach to a wedding, while also being ready to become a gentle source of guidance when being in front of a camera doesn’t feel all too natural. I’d like to think I’m right in between a documentary and editorial style photographer! A sort of healthy balance between being an observer – capturing your wedding the same way you see it unfolding – and a friend who guides you into a place where you feel relaxed enough to be yourselves. It’s storytelling that’s about the whole experience: the romance, the nostalgia, the chaos, the laughter, and the endlessly good vibes.


And in amongst all of that romance and gushy stuff, you’ll also find a third wheel who will crack the occasional inappropriate joke, emphatically swear under her breath, and break into a boogie on the dance floor just to get the party started.

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