Essential Tips for Off-Site Wedding Photos

Essential Tips for Off-Site Wedding Photos

Are you considering taking your wedding photos off-site for that extra dose of South West ambience? Whether you’re dreaming of coastal backdrops, or iconic South West landmarks, planning your off-site photo shoot requires careful consideration. From logistics to timing and comfort, here are some invaluable insights from our photographers to ensure your photo session runs smoothly.

1. Location

Firstly, we emphasise the importance of choosing a location not too far from your wedding venue. This minimises travel time, allowing you to return promptly to join your guests. You might also like to consider a pre-wedding photoshoot to alleviate any stress on the big day.

2. Timing

Read: Don’t wing it! Planning and communication with all involved is key. Don’t forget to allow time for getting in and out of the vehicles, drinks with your wedding crew and just being able to enjoy the time, this will all add up and you will need to allocate time for this to avoid rushing around on the day. Collaborate with your photographer to craft a schedule that accommodates your desired shoot duration and location. Communicate this with your other vendors to ensure everyone is on the same page and the flow of your day retains momentum regardless of any set backs.

3. Time and Weather

Planning your off-sit photos around golden hour is the perfect place to start when looking at your run sheet for the day. You can’t choose what time the sun sets so do the research for your wedding day and get your photographer to make timing suggestions based on where you want to go for photos. It is also important to factor in weather conditions to ensure optimal photo quality, so having a few alternate (but nearby) locations that will be out of the wind or weather is a great idea, this is where you can rely heavily on your photographer, they know all the best spots!

4. Comfort

Typically, your off-site photos will be in exposed / outdoor locations around sunset, right when the temperature will be dropping off. Providing wraps or blankets for the wedding party ensures their comfort between shots, fostering a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

5. Transport and Refreshments

Consider how many will be coming with you to your off-site location. Will it just be you, your new Mr or Mrs and the photographers? Or will it be your whole wedding party? Who will be driving? Ensuring you have the appropriate number of vehicles and designated drivers is a must. Assess the logistics of transporting the wedding party and decide if it’s necessary for everyone to attend. Don’t forget to pack essentials like water bottles, snacks, and of course some celebratory beverages to keep everyone refreshed and energised. Chat with your caterer and beverage supplier before the big day to see if they can put this together for you to save time on the day!

6. Flexibility

We are huge advocates for being flexible when it comes to your wedding plans, and off-site photo sessions are no exception! Chat with your photographer about any concerns you have and gather some alternate options which can be implemented at a moments notice on the day so that you are not caught off-guard.

By considering factors such as location proximity, timing, comfort, logistics and putting time into considering your options before your big day, you can ensure a memorable and stress-free experience that beautifully captures the essence of your wedding day.

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