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Photos by: The Pink Tank Creative (pink dress and orange dress), Mel Silva Photography (Sal with bride and groom), Keeper Creative (black and white, Sally at ceremony with groom) 

About Us:

Planning a wedding brings about all the feels and that’s where I come in. My job, aside from getting you guys legally married, is to work with you to shape the day of your dreams and ensure your wedding planning journey is filled with nothing but calm, organised fun!


So, I guess you’re wondering why choose me? Well, to put it simply, who better to marry you than the girl that’s low-key obsessed with weddings?!


I had been dreaming about and planning my wedding since I was a little girl and when the day finally arrived it was absolutely everything I imagined it would be, and more – cliché I know, but it really was. After the day had passed, I was stuck in a wedding hangover and just couldn’t let go of my love for all things weddings. Having spent hours and hours trawling through the socials, swooning over other people’s magical days I had so many ideas, so I decided to follow my passion and become a celebrant and well, here we are today.


I am a mother, wife and primary school teacher, all of which have provided me with the skills essential for being a fabulous celebrant. An incredibly high attention to detail, ability to keep an eager crowd entertained, calmness for when those pre-wedding jitters show up and an absolute passion for shaping your love-story into a modern, fun, non-corny ceremony for your big day.

From the outgoing and non-traditional couple to the hopeless romantics who live for a bit of tradition, everyone’s favourite love story is their own and I am so excited to hear all about yours! I cannot wait to work with you to bring your visions to life and deliver you a ceremony filled with warmth, vibrancy, a little bit of laughter, maybe a few tears and definitely a whole bunch of fun.

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