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Infusing Deep Meaning into Engagement + Wedding Rings


Your love story holds profound significance for me. It illuminates my life, filling it with joy. I cherish the opportunity to involve you in what I refer to as Slow Jewellery, a process where we collaborate to infuse deep meaning into your engagement and wedding rings. Together, we embark on a journey to explore your love story through consultations. We delve into your shared experiences as a couple, identifying the sentiments and values that hold the deepest meaning for both of you.


For your wedding bands, you will inscribe a prayer, intention, or your vows on beautiful paper as part of a guided ritual. These sentiments will be sent to me, and I will incorporate them into the gold, imbuing the metal with the very essence of your love.


I will document this transformative process through photos and videos, showcasing how your sentiments crystallize within the gold—a revolutionary technique that I am proud to pioneer. From this crystallized golden bead of your love, I will craft a matching set of wedding rings, shaping and forging them by hand with hammers. Together, we will customize the rings, considering their shape, stones, colors, and overall design, ensuring they reflect our collaborative vision and carry profound meaning for you both.


These completed rings will serve as priceless treasures, symbolizing your commitment to each other and bearing the essence of your love story. Although they may appear as separate entities, they originated from a single bead infused with your love and will forever remain connected, much like the two of you.


Through immersive rituals and collaborative efforts, we will bring your love story to life, creating rings that encapsulate its depth and significance. Given the meticulous nature of Slow Jewellery, I work with only a select number of couples each season. To ensure that this experience is reserved for those who truly value its depth and meaning, I engage in an application process for prospective couples.


In addition to crafting wedding ring sets with profound meaning, I specialize in creating one-of-a-kind engagement rings using ethical materials such as 24k solid gold, pure palladium, tantalum, and other exotic metals. As one of Australia’s few authorized Ocean Diamond vendors, I have access to a diverse range of ethically sourced raw and cut stones from suppliers around the world. By working closely with me, you can weave your love story into the perfect engagement ring, setting the stage for that unforgettable “Yes” moment.


I, Zachary T. Conway, known as the Magic Goldsmith, am based in the South West of Western Australia but collaborate with couples worldwide. Sustainability lies at the heart of my work, with 1% of each sale donated to conservation efforts. Over the past decade, I have handcrafted over 1000 rings for couples in more than 45 countries, with a 100% success rate in proposals. Trusted by lovers worldwide, I invite you to embark on your own journey of love and discovery with me today.

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